About Us

Ariful Islam Depen

CEO & Founder


while working in online market-place
I have got love, respect, assistance, suggestions and encouragement from
numerous people and for that I will be grateful to them up to my death.

I utter in a nutshell-
when I started working in the online marketplace,
I did not think about all this things.
I was severely worried about my life after the separation of my father from the family.
Due to a shortage of educational qualification,
there was a bar to the way of the competitive job market.
Then I thought to do something instead of wasting idle time.
I initiated a traditional business with a chest-high dream with
some amount of money earned by my-severe-suffering.
I kept no shortage of what a mid-range business Institution requires
in combination with the shop, decorations, employees and goods.
Business was running well and I started to sow the seeds of dreaming high.
Suddenly I found a bunch of dark clouds in the realm of my dreams.

The 1/11′ a black chapter of the country’s politics’ is known to almost everyone.
Hortal, blockade and heinous activities of the political parties
brought about an unbearable suffering in People’s life.
Customers were averse to market in fear of violence.
One day some political activists came to me and said,
why are you keeping your shop open? And I was helpless to close it.
I went on closing my shop day after day but could not stop shop rant,
electricity bill and employees’ payment including other expenses.
Not only was the shutter of the shop closed but a dream to
live with high-head standing on my feet was about to disrupt.
Although military rule was able to retract the country in normal phase
but within that time the dreams of a great number of
small entrepreneurs like me were shattered before sowing them.

I was weak towards online from the childhood and
it was almost impossible to digest meals without using Yahoo Messenger and Mig33.
Then when Facebook was included in social media, little by little I started spending time.
I had to keep my business Institution close for many times due political or geographical reasons
but I was active in social media at that very moment. For that reason,
many people did not believe my loss in business and they always said,
“seeing your Facebook status you seem to be passing good time by running your business.”
So I kept on researching on it and I set about online journey through
Facebook by naming my disrupted and worn-down business as Poran Bazar .com
after my grandfather late Poran Master’s name.

In 2013 a decision was made to conduct business making a website using
E-commerce platform because of achieving customers’ faith in my business through F-commerce.
And a complete website with multivendor technology was opened to all in 2015.
Using this platform a customer can view any product including daily necessaries,
justify products’ quality and buy or choose in a very short time.
With that, those who are small entrepreneurs are able to advertise,
promote and sell various products in the name of their own brands.

About Us

PoranBazar is the best online shopping site in Bangladesh. We provides consumers with quality and demandable products at the lowest price and also developing a trend to make life easier for people through online shopping.

Our Vission

Our goal is to provide products of every door in the world.

Our Mission

We increase sales of our merchants and create wonderful buying experience for our consumers. We create happiness for both our merchants and consumers. We ensure, you will smile after end of the day.